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Below is a guide to water decks. There are endless possibilities, but here are some just to discuss and introduce a few.

Utilizing A Legendary Ocean Methods Edit

Numerous water decks rely on this field spell card to perform powerful effects as discussed below.

  • Decrease Monster Level Method 1: Another way to use A Legendary Ocean is to utilize its level decreasing ability on water monsters on the field and in the hand. Strong Level 5 water monsters such as Giga Gagagigo, Terrorking Salmon, or Catapult Turtle can then be normal summoned without Tribute, allowing the user a more efficient way of bringing out monsters to inflict heavy damage.

Recommended Cards to IncludeEdit

Spell CardsEdit

Trap CardsEdit

Synchro MonstersEdit

Sample water deck with Synchro Monsters (based on march 2009 non-banned format) Traditional format below this. "Deep Under Strikes" (Inexpensive too)

Synchro Monsters:??? - Anything, but try finding more lower levels like 5 and 4.