Complete Deck Lists by Type

The term Aggro Deck has come to mean any Deck that has been constructed with fast-paced, aggressive tactics. Usually, an Aggro deck is a modified Beatdown Deck fitted with elements from other decks such as a Control Deck in order to better control the duel and continue to damage the opponent during the instances where their monster attacks are temporarily blocked.

Some aggro cards are "Cyber Dragon", "Hydrogeddon", "Morphtronic Radion", "Botanical Lion", and "Banisher of the Light" because they can overwhelm many other monsters with their effects.

If you want to destroy the structure of well-structured and successful decks which only can be successful by summoning with special summons, play "Royal Oppression" to negate those summons and destroy these monsters by only paying 800 Life Points! As your opponent can use this effect too, you should only Normal Summon or Flip Summon. Try to destroy other structures of your opponent by playing monsters that remove from play cards from the graveyard and save these monsters by playing "Shrink", "Waboku" and "Prime Material Dragon".

An Aggro deck, which is much weaker but possible to play, is one based on "The A. Forces", some Warrior-type monsters with swarming effects, "Burden of the Mighty" and "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder". Use the Warrior-swarming effect with "The A. Forces" to multiply your attack easily and "Burden of the Mighty" to weaken your opponent. With "The A. Forces" you can summon "Marauding Captain" and, with its effect, summon "Command Knight", to have 2 monsters with 2000 ATK. This deck's main weakness is cards that destroy Spells and Traps. "Judgment of Anubis" may help you get rid of these cards. "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder" is used only for preventing of a reversal when your Spells are destroyed.

Deck Archetypes

Aggro - Beatdown - Burn - Exodia - Mill - Stall - One Turn Kill