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Alien Telepath '''x1'''
Alien Telepath '''x1'''
Alien Overload '''x2'''
Alien Overload '''x2'''

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Alien Deck - Gol'gar Based Aliens are a Very Good cards that focus on Puting A-Counters on cards on the field and then removing it to destroy cards on the field, special summon monsters or mainly taking control of your oponent's monsters. All decent Alien decks must focus on summoning Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar, a Level 5 Synchro monster that is very easy to summon, by normal summoning Alien Ammonite and activating its effect or special summoning it with One for One and normal summoning any level 4 Alien monster.



Alien Ammonmite x3

Alien Dog x2

Alien Hypno x1

Alien Warrior x3

Alien Telepath x1

Alien Overload x2

Alien Skull x3

Alien Grey x2

Alien Psychic x1

Alien Shocktrooper x1

Cosmic Horror Gangi'el x1


Code "A" Ancient Ruins x2

Foolish Burial x1

Brain Control x1

Mysterious Triangle x2

One For One x1

"A" Cell Breeding Device x2

Heavy Storm x1


Planet Polutant Virus x3

Mass Hypnosis x1

Call Of the Haunted x1

Offerings To The Snake Deity x2

Snake Whistle x2

Mirror Force x1


Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar x3

Armory Arm x2

Stardust Dragon x2

Black Rose Dragon x1

Brionac Dragon Of The Ice barrier x1

Goyo Guardian x1

Ally of Justice - Catastor x2

Side Deck

Otherworld - The "A" Zone

"A" Cell Incubator

Brainwashing Beam

Alien Mother

Alien Hunter

Hope You All Like!!

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