Monster Cards

2x Alien Overlord

3x Alien Warrior

2x Alien Telepath

2x Alien Kid

2x Alien Hypno

3x Alien Dog

2-3x Alien Grey

3x Alien Ammonite

1x Sangan

1x Evil Dragon Ananta


3x Code A Ancient Ruins

2-3x Other Continuous Alien Spells (i.e. "A" Cell Incubator, or "A" Cell Breeding Device)

2x "A" Cell Scatterburst

2x Mysterious Triangle

1x Swords of Revealing Light


2x Planet Pollutant Virus

2x Alien Brain

2x Offering to the Snake Deity

3x Snake Whistle

1x Brainwashing Beam

1-2x Cell Explosion Virus

1x Mirror Force

1x Call of the Haunted

Extra Deck

3x Cosmic Fortress Gol' Gar

1x Armory Arm

1x Catastor

2x Stardust

Any other 5 or 8 star Synchros. Super easy to tune for 5 or 8.


There are two ways to build an Alien Deck, the Gol' Gar synchro way or the taking your opponents crap beatdown version. My deck is more based around the Gol' Gar synchro version because it's more effective, although i still run a brainwashing beam, but i don't run Mass Hypnosis or Cosmic Horror Gang' iel which are essential in a deck which steals your opponents monsters a lot. The similarity between the two builds is that they both revolve around the use of A-Counters; A-Counters are used by alot of their support cards and monsters, but in order to use them you must generate them using cards like Alien Dog, Alien Overlord, Alien Warrior, Planet Pollutant Virus, and "A" Cell Scatterburst. Anyway, the main strategy to my deck is to summon Alien Ammonite and special a four star alien from the grave, (Ammonite's effect) which allows me to synchro summon Gol' Gar. Gol' Gar is first of all a 2600 attack beater but also has the broken effect of returning face up spell/ traps to the hand to generate A-Counters which he can then remove 2 A-Counters to destroy stuff. Great Combos with Gol' Gar are Swords of Revealing Light and Call of the Haunted because he can return them to the hand and reuse them. Another nice Strategy is utilizing my traps like Offering to the Snake Deity or "A" Cell Scatterburst to destroy Aliens and the activate snake whistle to take more out of my deck or set up combos with Alien Ammonite. This Strategy Also works well with Code A Ancient Ruins Which Gains A-Counters for aliens being destroyed and then can remove 2 to special summon an alien from the grave. Evil Dragon Ananta is a good finisher boss card or can be a great card to pull you out of a hole and come back from an almost loss. This deck works well against the average deck. I usually get killed by decks that are faster than it at swarming the field like Broke-Wings I mean Black-Wings or Six Sams.

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