An Ancient Gear Deck, commonly refered to as a "Gears of war deck", focuses on overwhelming the opponent with powerful Machine-type monsters while preventing them from activating Spell or Trap Cards during the Battle Phase. This strategy relies partly on the "Ancient Gears" and their support cards .


Ancient Gears have gained much strength with the release of "Geartown", which makes summoning high-level gears much easier.geartowns most known use is being destroyed to activate its special summoning which has been commonly used for special summoning ancient gear gadjiltron dragon.

Another usefull card in this deck is the wildly popular ultimate ancient gear golem.many players often include this card in their deck with power bond and limiter removal for an OTK.but due to power bonds backlash effect its not often recomended.

Geartown's second effect, allowing you to special summon an Ancient Gear monster from your hand, deck or graveyard when it is destroyed, helps bring out Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon, which is helpful when you are out of luck. But you will not get it's effects.

You can use "Magical Hats" and set 2 "geartown" with it and when they are destroyed special summon 2 ancient gears(mainly gadjiltron dragon) that can be special summoned.

Recommended cards


  • Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon x3
  • Ancient Gear Golem x3
  • Ancient Gear x3
  • Green Gadget x2
  • Red Gadget x2
  • Yellow Gadget x2
  • mahina fortress x3
  • Machina gearframe x3


  • Geartown x3
  • heavy strom
  • terraforming x2
  • Limiter Removal x1
  • ancient gear workshop x2
  • trade-in x3
  • power bond x3
  • mystical space typhoon x3


  • magical hats x2
  • draining sheild x3

Extra Deck

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