Exodia, oblitherate!

 I am a major exodia fan. Many people may regard Exodia decks as weak without forbidden cards; however it is still possible to make an exellent Exodia deck if you know what it takes.

These lists are more of a suggestion; the listed cards are mostly ones that are really important or cards that I believe will help. I dont list the number of cards since the legal/forbbiden list is always changing.

The Approriate Exodia deck is amazing! Beleive me I even tested it on dueling network, won against the first guy with at least 20 cards in my hand! And that duel was in advanced format, so it's pretty impressive and it's just fun to just beat people with Exodia.

Template:Decklist (!) = Very Important!

In order for this deck to work, you have to get Appropriate out. Use all other cards to search for Appropriate before you use cards to make your opponent draw. Keep in mind that Appropriate does not make you draw cards the first time you activate it. Once you get Appropriate, then use One Day of Peace (You draw 1 and I draw 3!). You may end up using them all in a row. Then you could attack with Chainsaw Insect with 2400 ATK, then use Miracle Locus on it so you attack again with 3400 ATK! Your opponent will draw 3 seperate cards causing you to draw 6 for each Appropriate! But the real agony will come if you manage to get more than one Appropriate on the field, even one more card that makes your opponent draw, then it might as well be a win for you.

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