Bahamut Shark
Aquatic XYZ Deck

This deck is based around Fish-type, Aqua-type, and Sea Serpent-type monsters. This deck also is based around summoning XYZ monsters and protecting your monsters on the field until you XYZ summon. This deck also has another goal besides XYZ summoning. That other goal is summoning Poseidra, either by tribute summoning or by Poseidra's effect. This deck's main XYZ monster is: Bahamut Shark. This deck has many secrets and many advantages. Will you be the one to discover those secrets and advantages? Find out for yourselves.

Recommended Cards: Main Deck:

-Majioshaleon (x1) -Monster Reborn (x1) -Poison Of The Old Man (x1) -Codarus (x1) -Swords Of Revealing Light (x1) -Space Cyclone (x1) -Poseidra, The Atlantean Dragon (x2) -Carrierroid (x1) -Shark Stickers (x3) -Hammer Shark (x1) -Shocktopus (x1) -Umi (x1) -Double Summon (x2) -Cup Of Ace (x1) -Mirror Force (x2) -Scrap-Iron Scarecrow (x2) -Jar Of Greed (x1) -Damage Vaccine OMEGA Max (x1) -Lightserpent (x1) -Airorca (x1) -Attraffic Control (x1) -Call Of The Atlanteans (x2) -Reese The Ice Mistress (x2) -Gozen Match (x1) -Spined Gillman (x1) -Lost Blue Breaker (x1) -Flyfang (x1) -Friller Rabca (x1) -Great White (x1) -Jawsman (x1) -Big Jaws (x1) -Negate Attack (x1) -Drill Barnacle (x1) -Shark Cruiser (x1) -Eisbahn (x1) -Explosive Urchin (x1) -Creature Swap (x1) -Needle Sunfish (x1) -Splash Capture (x1) -Raigeki Break (x1) -Poseidon Wave (x1) -Trap Hole (x1) -Mobius The Frost Monarch (x1) -Salvage (x1) -Creeping Doom Manta (x1) -Levia-Dragon - Daedalus (x1) -Mystical Space Typhoon (x1) -Unshaven Angler (x1)

Extra Deck:

-Bahamut Shark (x1) -Snowdust Giant (x2) -Submersible Carrier Aero Shark (x1) -Number 10: Illumiknight (x1) -Number 17: Leviathan Dragon (x1) -Number 30: Acid Golem Of Destruction (x1) -Number 32: Shark Drake (x1) -Number 34: Terror-Byte (x1) -Number 39: Utopia (x2) -Number C32: Shark Drake Viess (x1) -Number C39: Utopia Ray (x1) -Number 16: Shock Master (x1)

Side Deck:

-Fish Depth Charge (x1) -Call Of The Atlanteans (x1) -A Legendary Ocean (x1) -ZW - Phoenix Bow (x1) -Terraforming (x1) -ZW - Unicorn Spear (x1) -Gagagigo The Risen (x1) -Ghost Ship (x1)

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