Arcana Knight Joker


If your looking for a really powerful monster that you can whip out on the first turn then you have come to the right place. Arcana Knight Joker is a warrior type monster with 3800 Attack points and 2500 Defense points. This monster also has a killer special ability which is " Once per turn, if this face-up card on the field is targeted by a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect, you can negate that effect by discarding the same kind of card (Spell, Trap, or Monster Card)." which can make it stay on the field for a long time.



Jack's Knight (3) - Needed for fusion

Queen's Knight (3) - Needed for fusion

King's Knight (3) - Needed for fusion and effect brings Jack's Knight to the field

Elemental Hero Prisma (2) - Can be used a substitute for fusion summon

Command Knight (2) - Gives all warrior type monsters 400 points

Exiled Force (1) - Gets rid of annoying monsters on the field

Marauding Captain (1) - Allows other Lv. 4 warriors on the field with it and also saves Queen's Knight from getting attacked

Morphing Jar (1) - Draw 5 new cards

UFOroid (2) - Allows fusion summoning for UFOroid Fighter

Divine Knight Ishzark (1) - Removes from play any monster he destroys


Polymerization (3) - Required for fusion

Fusion Gate (1) - Fusion without Polymerization

Fusion Sage (1) - Brings Polymerization to your hand

Future Fusion (1) - Can bring out Arcana Knight Joker in two turns

Lighting Vortex (1) - Destroys enemy monsters

Monster Reborn (1) - Summon a monster from the graveyard

Mystical Space Typhoon (1) - Can destroy a spell or trap card

Reinforcement of the Army (1) - Can bring King's/Queen's Knight to your hand

Swords of Revealing Light (1) - Stops enemy attacks for 3 turns

The A. Forces (2) - Can power up warriors by a lot

The Warrior Returning Alive (2) - Brings warriors back to your hand


Bottomless Trap Hole (1) - Removes from play an enemy monster

Compulsory Evacuation Device (2) - Brings a monster on the field back to owner's hand

Dark Bribe (1) - Negates a spell or trap card

Magic Cylinder (1) - Reflects attack to opponent

Mirror Force (1) - Destroys attack positon monsters on opponents side

Sakuretsu Armor (1) - Destroys attacking monster

Solemn Judgement (1) - Negates Monster Summon/ Effect and spells and trap cards

Waboku (1) -Negates attack

Extra Deck

Arcana Knight Joker (3) - Main Card

UFOroid Fighter (2) - Strong Fusion Monster

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