Archlord Kristya Deck

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Archlord Kristya is a very good card. Since it's a Fairy-Type, it can be special summoneed from your hand or from the graveyard with cards like Call of the Haunted and Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen. It's effect stop special summons, so it completly destroy Synchro Decks, Zombies and other deck types. == Monsters

Archlord Kristya x3 (2)

Hecatrice x3

Shining Angel x2

Nova Summoner x2

Light Effigy x2

Honest x2 (1)

Marshmallon x1

Herald of Green Light x2

Herald of Purple Light x2

Herald of Orange Light x2

Tethys Goddes of Light x2

Bountiful Artemis x1


Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen x3

The Sanctuary in the Sky x2

Lightning Vortex x2

Gold Sarcophagus x2

Monster Reincarnation x2


Dark Bribe x2

Divine Wrath x2

Call of the Haunted x1

Side Deck

Card Trader

Bottomless Trap Hole

Arcana Force 0 - The Fool

Hope You All Like!!

Pretty expensive doncha think? XD

well I suppose you can add miraculous descend & Darklord Superbia and reduce the amount of honest and kristya

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