OTK DECK: Easy to make and cheap some cards are rare to find but are so cheap dont gonna waste more than 30 dollars ;]

Monster Cards (21):

  • 2x Batteryman Fuel Cell
  • 2x Honest
  • 3x Batteryman Micro-Cell
  • 3x Batteryman AAA
  • 3x Batteryman AA (This is the most important "Batteryman" for the OTK)
  • 3x Batteryman Charger
  • 3x Batteryman D
  • 2x Batteryman Industrial Strength
  • 1x Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon

Spell Cards (11):

  • 3x Short Circuit 
  • 2x Night Beam 
  • 2x Battery Charger 
  • 1x Heavy Storm 
  • 1x Monster Reborn 
  • 1x Electromagnetic Shield 
  • 1x Dark Hole 

Trap Cards (11):

  • 1x Solemn Warning
  • 1x Portable Battery Pack
  • 1x Limit Reverse
  • 1x Call of Haunted
  • 1x Solemn Judgment
  • 2x Mirror Force
  • 2x Dimensional Prison
  • 2x Bottomless Trap Hole
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