The main OTK card


This Batteryman OTK deck has a very easy strategy, and it is configured to give you the least possibility of dead draws.

As with all Batteryman OTK decks it revolves around using 3 batteryman AA and clearing the field with short circuit, but many of the decks have so many unnecessary cards that it is almost a certainty . Now go eat a chocolate bar!

The deck

This deck has exactly 40 cards so it is really easy to get the cards you need and even if you dont many cards in the deck can recycle your hand.


3 Batteryman AA - The OTK

'3 Batteryman Charge'r - Special summons a Batteryman when normal summoned

3 Batteryman Micro-cell - Special summons a Batteryman when flipped and gives draw power

2 Batteryman D - Stalling

3 Batteryman Industrial Strength - A better version of dark-armed , but you should know that when you activate its ability you MUST destroy a monster AND spell / trap

1 Marshmallon - Stalling

1 Honest - Great card

Total : 16 monsters


3x Inferno reckless summon - This gets you the Batteryman AA's you need for the OTK , but it can only be activated if your opponent has a face-up monster

3x Short circuit - Wipes the field

3x Hand destruction - You can ditch a Batteryman AA so that you can special summon it with Battery charger and use Inferno Reckless summon. Draw power

3x Battery Charger - Pay 500 to special summon a Batteryman from the grave . Use with Inferno Reckless summon

1x Card destruction - Ditch a bad hand, and makes your opponent ditch a (hopefully) good hand. Can also be used to draw the final card for your combo.

1x MST - Staple

0x MonsterReborn - Staple, can be used to special summon Batteryman AA from grave

1x Swords of Revealing Light - Stall

1x D.D.R. Different Dimension Reincarnation - Works well with Batteryman Industrial Strength's ability

1x Dark Hole - Staple, can clear the field

Total: 18 spells ( I didn't have a spare heavy storm , but if I get one i will ditch a trap stun for it )


2 Trap stun - Didn't have anything better

1 Torrential Tribute - Staple

1 Negate Attack - Didn't have a threatening ( but if i get it i will ditch dust and negate for 2 Threatenings)

1 Dust tornado - Read above

1 Mirror force - Staple

Total : 6 traps

Total cards in deck: 40

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