Hey dis is my Black Feather (blackwing) deck. Its good for me so it should be good for you.Blackwing Dragon


1. Earthbound Imortal Aslla Piscu

1. Gorz The Emissary of Darkness

1. BW Fane The Steel Chain

1. BW Gale The Whirlwind

1. BW Elphin The Raven

2. BW Misteral The Silver Shield

2. BW Bora The Spear

2. BW Sura The Blue Flame

2. BW Blizzard The Far North

2. BW Sirocco The Dawn

2. BW Kalut The Moon Shadow


1.Earthbound Whirlwind

1. Double Summon

1. Fires of Doomsday

1. Heavy Storm

1.Veil og Darkness

1. Supremacy Berry

1. Dark Eruption

2. Harpies' Hunting Ground

2. Against The Wind

2. Black Whirlwind


1. Delta Crow - Anti Reverse

1. Tuner's Scheme

1. Radiant Mirror Force

1. Urgent Tuning

1. Threatening Roar

1. Synchro Deflector

1. Fake Feather

1. Scrap - Iron Scarecrow

2. Icarus Attack

2. Sakuretsu Armor

2. Bottomless Trap Hole

Synchro Deck

1. BW Armed Wing

1. BW - Silverwind The Acendant

2. Stardust Dragon

1. Red Dragon Archfiend

1. Black Rose Dragon

1. Ancient Fary Dragon

1. Thought Ruler Archfiend

I hope you like it and win with it. I noe i do.

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