this is my black ptera otk deck (tournament legal) :

====Monsters(16 count)


3X-(BP) Black Ptera (staple)

3X-(CS) cannon soldier (staple)

2X-mystic tomato (to get (CS) to field)

2X-flying kamakiri (#) 1(to get (BP) to field)

3X-mysterious puppeteer (so you take no damage from (UO).kind of staple)

2X-cyber dragon (easy summon)

1X-the tricky (easy summon) ====Spells(9 count)


2X-dark room of nightmare (so your opponent take extra damage)

3X-double summon (swarming)

1X-MST (staple)

1X-heavy storm (staple)

2X-gold sarcophagus (easy to get key cards with this) ====Traps(11 count)


3X-(UO) ultimate offerings (staple)

3X-scrap iron scarecrow (to protect)

2X-negate attack (to protect)

2X-dark bribe (good card)

1X-damage translator (just in case you dont have mysterious puppeteer)


Get at least 4 monsters here.This is to make it legal(40 count total).


your stategy is to get (BP),(CS),and(UO) to the field to deal effect damage till you win

signature76.215.76.89 03:44, July 14, 2010 (UTC)Tournament winning deck

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