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Blackwing -Bora the spear x 2

Blackwing -Elphin the raven x1

Blackwing -Gale the whirlhwind x1

Blackwing -Siroco the dawn x1

Blackwing -Vayu the emblem of honor x1

Caius the shadow monarch x1

D.D Crow x1

Dandylion x1

Dark armored dragon x1

Debris dragon x 2

Efect veiler x 2

Glow-up Bulb x1

Level eater x1

Plaguespreader Zombie x1

Quickdraw synchron x 2

Sangan x1

Volcanic counter x 1

Volcanic shell x3


Allure of darkness x 1

Dark hole x 1

Foolish burial x 1

Giant Trunade x1

Monster reborn x1

Mystical space typhoon x1

Pot of avarice x3

Raptor wing strike or Book of moon x1

Swords of reviling light x1


Bottomless trap hole x2

Call of the haunted x1

Solemn Judjment x1

Torrencial tribute x1

Mirror force x 1

Extra deck

Ally of justice Catastor x1

Black rose dragon x1

Blackwing armed wing x1

Blackwing armor master x1

Brionarc dragon of the ice barrier x1

Dark end dragon x1

Formula synchorn x1

Junk destroyer x1

Magical android x1

Nitro warrior x1

Scrap dragon x1

Shooting star dragon x1

Stardust dragon x1

Trishula, dragon of the ice barrier x1

Turbo warrior x1

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