This is my multiple-championship winning Blackwing deck!

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  • Monsters: x1 Dark Armed Dragon, x1 Dark Creator, x1 Gorz, x2 Sirocco, x3 Shura, x3 Bora, x3 Kalut, x2 Blizzard, x1 Gale, x1 Vayu, x1 Flamvell Firedog, x1 Flamvell Magician, x1 Dark Grepher, x1 Necro Gardna, x1 Sangan Magics: x2 Black Whirlwind, x1 Dark Eruption, x1 Allure, x1 MST, x1 Heavy Storm, x1 Brain Control, x1 Lightning Vortex, x1 Gold Sarc, x1 Shrink Traps: x1 Mirror Force, x1 Call of the Haunted, x2 Bottomless, x1 Torrential. x1 Solemn, x3 Icarus Attack, x1 Reckless Greed Extra Deck: x1 Red Dragon, x1 Stardust, x1 Blackwing Armor Master, x1 Ancient Fairy Dragon, x1 Goyo, x1 Gaia Knight, x1 Blackwing Armed Wing, x1 Magical Android.

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This is the best deck I have ever built. Please comment if you have any suggestions! -Alex Mihelic.

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