Hello, this is my third article. this is an overwrite of my first one, and i hope this works well for you, i have worked so very hard at this.

key cards:(6) these are lvl.7-8 monsters that my deck is built around. they include:1 bizzard princess-in my deck it is a one tribute 2800 atk trap hole-proof.see it in the GX manga.1 endymion, the master magician-a spellcaster easily summoned and a bit of a destructinator card. dark eradicator warlock- a card that easily puts my opponent into lockdown + deals easy burn damage.3 dark magician-easily summoned and perfect for getting out dark eradicator warlock.

field spells(3): technichally key cards, each one has its own aspect. 1 secret village of the spellcasters: an easy spellcaster lockdown card, saw it in my research and decided i had to have it. 1 magical citadel of endymion-this card easily may create a power web. 1 yami-a card that lets you easily take control of the board, makes up for the dark magicians lack in power.

monsters lvl 5-6(2): 1 dark red enchanter-a card that easily gains power, generaly helps fight a beatdown/and or dragon deck. 1 magical marrionette-a card that wipes out the field like a mega-ton magical cannon.

monsters lvl 3-4(9); 1 defender, the magical knight-easily protecting your spellcasters from harm, and rather then tributing you may remove spell counters from your side of the field.(and they say nimble hands are the devils workshop!?) 2 alchemist of black spells-easy power supply for you spell counter related cards.summoner monk- a easy and reliable way to pick cards from your deck.beaker the magical warrior-really does break things! chow len the prophet-easy way to figure out your opponents backfield, easy refferee for breaker.blast magician-blasts your opponents monsters away! sage of silence-easy lockdown.skilled dark magician-easy break for dark magician.aussa the earth charmer-easy puppet show, if you catch my drift.

monsters lvl 1-2(4): ok, from here on out i am just telling the cards, not commenting on them. 2 freqeuncy magician, 1 copycat, 1 crystal seer.

spells + traps(25):1 pitch-black power stone, 1 spellbinding circle, 2 scrap-iron scarecrow, 1 call of the haunted, 1 magicians circle, 1 anti-spell(i am thinking of swapping it with dark bribe), 1 magical blast, 1 magical dimension,1 mega ton magical cannon, 2 mage power, 1 ribbon of rebirth, 2 pot of duality, 1 spell power grasp, 1 thunder short, 1 magical stone excavation, 1 enemy controller, 1 magicians unite, 1 card rotator, 1 field barrier, 2 terraforming. for future reference, my first two articles were; 'my spellcaster speed deck' and 'my spellcaster speed extra deck. the Blue Bang Magician

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