This is the first article that I have created with an acount on this website. This article is about how I engineered my two main decks, one of which I do not use anymore. The first one was my spellcaster speed deck and the second one was the Blizzard Village-the Ultimate Spellcaster deck. The first four decks that I created were: my spellcaster speed deck, my spellcaster speed extra deck, as well as Blizzard Village-the Ultimate Spellcaster deck, and Chaos arsenal.

The techniqe that I used: I always liked Spellcasters, for their ability to take control of the field, as well as the capability to take advantage of Spells and Traps. A good idea would be to use as much as half of your deck for Spells and Traps in a Spellcaster deck, because of

A) Spell Counters.

B) Use of protection cards, such as Scrap-Iron Scarecrow.

C) Use of burn damage cards, like Magical Blast.

Spellcasters have the uniqe ability to aways be a key card in one situation or another. There are so many great Spellcasters out there that sometimes they are hard to pick. Some Spellcasters that I reccomend are Blizzard Princess, Dark Eradicator Warlock, and Endymion, the Master Magician. Thank you.

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