Blue eyes

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Seto Kaiba's Trademark Card Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a Level 8 Dragon Type Monster With 3000 ATK Points and 2500 DEF Points. Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the highest attack point Normal Monster in the game. Over the years Blue-Eyes White Dragon has gained more support with cards such as Paladin of White Dragon, Burst Stream of Destruction, Kaibaman, and now Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. There are several ways to use a Blue-Eyes White Dragon deck each involving different ways of summoning it. Being a normal monster, Blue-Eyes won't last too long on the field on its own, and being 8 stars, Tribute summoning this card requires two monsters and if played wrong will leave you down three cards.

Blue Eyes War Deck


x3 Blue Eyes White Dragon

x1 Alexandrite Dragon

x1 Obelisk the Tormentor

x1 Deep Eyes White Dragon

x1 Blue Eyes Alternative Dragon

x2 Dragon Spirit of White

x1 Krystal Dragon

x1 Tiger Dragon

x1 Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon

x1 Cyber Dragon

x1 Galaxy Dragon

x1 Axe Dragonute

x1 Blizzard Dragon

x1 Blade Knight

x1 Lord of D.

x1 Keeper of the Shrine

x1 Exploder Dragon

x1 King of the Swamp

x2 Kaibaman

x1 Kidmodo Dragon

x1 Protector with Eyes of Blue

x1 the White Stone of Ancients

x1 Master with Eyes of Blue

x3 the White Stone of Legends

x2 Maiden with Eyes of Blue


x2 Ancient Rules

x2 Burst Stream of Destruction

x2 Polymerisation

x1 Silent Doom

x1 Neutron Blast

x1 the Flute of Summoning Dragon

x1 the Melody of Awakening Dragon

x1 Soul Exchange

x1 Dragonic Tactics

x1 Foolish Burial

x1 Majesty with Eyes of Blues

x1 Ego Boost

x1 Silver's Cry

x1 Enemy Controller

x2 Beacon of White

x1 Mausoleum of White


x1 Mirror Force

x1 Torrential Tribute

x1 Sakuretsu Armor

x1 Fusion Reserve

x1 Castle of Dragon Souls

x1 Summon Gate

x1 Negate Attack

x1 Dark Bribe


x1 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

x1 Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

x1 Blue Eyes Twin Burst Dragon

x1 First of the Dragons

x2 Azure Eyes Silver Dragon

x1 Red Eyes Archfiend

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