The following deck was made by me. I took some time to make it i hope you like.

note -deck only has 34 cards in main deck. Creator forgot to finish

Cards List:


Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon x1

Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3

Alexandrite Dragon x3

Luster Dragon x2

Clear Vice Dragon x2

Totem Dragon x3

Hieratic Dragon of Sutekh x1

The White Stone of Legend x3

Mirage Dragon x2

Montage Dragon x1

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1


Card Trader x1

Dragon's Mirror x3

Gold Sarcophagus x1

Polymerization x2

Future Fusion x1


Mirror Force x2

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow x1


Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon x3

Five-Headed Dragon x3

How The Deck Works:

On this deck the most important thing is to summon Shining Dragon and Five-Head Dragon. And there are various ways to do it. If everything works out on about 3 rounds you have a Five-Headed Dragon and a Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon with over 7000 points.

To do that i will show some examples:

1- Use Future Fusion to create Five-Headed Dragon. Send 5 dragons from deck to grave but 3 of them MUST BE White Stone of the Legend. If you do that you active the White Stone of Legend's effect (add 1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the hand) now you only need Polymerization and Shining Dragon that can be easily found using Gold Sarcophagus.

2- Dragon's Mirror is very important too. You can summon two Shining Dragons at same time or Five-Headed Dragon. Wanna know how? Look Below

Use Future Fusion to Create Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. And Later Dragon's Mirror to Summon Another Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (using the Blue-eyes you sent before on Future Fusion).

As you can see there are various ways to Summon Shining Dragon and Five-Headed Dragon maybe you find out new ways. I never tested this deck on real life but every game I played even online like Duelist Network this deck destroyed everything Doesn't matter if my foe uses Synchro Summon or XYZ Monsters.

Deck's Weakness

There are basically two problems on this that. 

1- It uses a Banned Card (Future Fusion). If you want substitute it for Dragons Ravine. The deck will work much slower but you can send any dragon from deck to Grave so you can send White Stone of Legend to grave and get Blue-Eyes White Dragon very fast.

2- If your opponent finds a way to block special summons you are on a really bad situation.

Use it and you won't regret. If you doubt it works use it on every Yu-Gi-Oh game. If you do everithing right you won the duel.

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