Monsters: 20

Blue Eyes White Dragon x3

Paladin of White Dragon x2

White Stone of Legend x3

Blue Eyes Shining Dragon x1

Prime Material Dragon x1

Masked Dragon x3

Kaibaman x3

Decoy Dragon x1

Felgrand Dragon x1

King of the Swamp x2

Spell Cards: 15

Dragon's Mirror x3

Burst Stream of Destruction x2

Lightning Vortex x1

Heavy Storm x1

Ancient Rules x2

Trade In x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x1

Future Fusion x2

Stamping Destruction x2

Trap Cards: 5

Birthright x1

Dragon's Rage x1

Mirror Force x1

Dragon's Bead x1

Return From Different Dimension x1


Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon x3

Dragon Master Knight x1

Light End Dragon x2

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