This is my bounce/swarm deck. It uses a few powerful trap monsters combined with some of the best bounce cards in the game to clear the field and follow up with a quick atacks.

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Monsters 21x

2x exiled force

3x pyramid turtle

2x vampires curse

1x neo spacian grandmole

2x golem sentry

3x penguin soldier

2x the tricky

2x cyber dragon

2x DD warior lady

1x DD assailant

1x caius the shadown monarch

Spell cards 7x

2x mage power

1x giant trunade

1x lightening vortex

2x reinforcement of the army

1x scapegoat

trap cards 12x

3x zoma the spirit

2x embodiment of apophis

1x mirror force

1x magic cylinder

3x compulsory evacuation device

2x bottomless traphole

I like clearing the field as much as possible, so for this I use compulsory evacuation device, bottomless traphole, penguin soldier or golem sentry. Especiallly golem sentry is pretty good early in the game because I can use its effect again and again and again against set or weak monster cards. Zoma and apophis help me swarm the field along with cyber dragon and the tricky. I use the exiled force because it can destroy any monster, set or faced up. The same goes for neo spacian grandmole, exept for the fact that it bounces back the opponents monster instead of destroying it, multiple times. Reinforcement of the army helps me search for exiled force to clear the field, It can even get me a DD warrior lady/assailant. I use scapegoat and pyramid turtles to stall and buy me time in case things get tough mage power gives my monster extra atack power, and it works quite well with apophis and zoma. .

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