Hi Wikia.

This deck is good for people who like a strategy with no sacrifice or discard. Have not dueled with in long time.

Normal Monsters

Aqua Madoor

Giant Soldier of Stone x 2

Neo the Magic Swordsman


Harpie's Brother

Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness x 2

Insect Knight

Luster Dragon x 2

Summoned Skull

Dark Magician (I know, this is a bad choice, but like many of the anime watchers, I like this card, and this was the first level 7 or higher card I ever had)

Effect Monster

A Man with Wdjat

Twin-Headed Behemoth

The Stern Mystic

Witch of the Black Forest (forbidden in tournament play, want to find a similar card)

Wall of Illusion

Trap Master

Man-Eater Bug x 2

Magic/Spell Cards

Change of Heart (forbidden, need replacement)

Dark Hole (forbidden, need replacement)


Heavy Storm

Monster Reborn

Mystical Space Typhoon x 2 (limited, need a replacement)

Pot of Greed (forbidden, need a replacement)

Red Medicine

Reload x 2

Snatch Steal (forbidden, need a replacement)


Sword of Dark Destruction

Sword of Deep-Seated

Yami (bad choice for field spell since deck is not single type)

Trap Cards

Castle Walls

Magic Jammer

Negate Attack

Robbin' Goblin

Trap Hole x 2


Again, please help me improve this deck. Thanks

i would take out waboku and put in defense draw. you take no battle damage and you draw a card. may want trap jammer. take out yami and put in something like chorous of sanctuary. increases defense of monsters. you need newer stronger monsters with good effects. ex. tempest magician. or have you ever looked at alien cards? or the archetype of worm monsters? hope this helps. bye

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