Uh... Yeah, this whole "Yu-gi-oh! Deck Wiki" is kinda new to me so... yeah...

Normal Monsters

Blazing Inpachi

Charcoal Inpachi


Woodborg Inpachi

Volcanic Rat

Effect Monsters

Solar Flare Dragon (x2)

Hiita the Fire Charmer

Familiar-Possessed - Hiita

Blazing Hiita

Fire Princess

Fox Fire (x2)

Ultimate Baseball Kid (x2)

UFO Turtle

Little Chimera

Volcanic Doomfire

Lava Golem

Infernal Flame Emperor

Goka, the Pyre of Malice


Nitro Synchron

Rose, Warrior of Revenge

Trap Eater

Synchro Monsters

Flamvell Uruquizas

Nitro Warrior

Trident Dragion

Spell Cards

Goblin Thief

Level Limit - Area B

Spell Absorption

Dark Room of Nightmare (x2)


Blaze Accelerator

Tri-Blaze Accelerator

Molten Destruction

Mystical Space Typhoon

Trap Cards


Draining Shield

Magic Cylinder

Wall of Revealing Light

Barrel Behind the Door

Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai (x3)


DNA Transplant

Nightmare Wheel

Shadow Spell

Total: 46

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