This deck revolves around the assumed to be bad card cactus fighter. In truth it is a bad card but it is needed for this otk. You also need an attack gaining card like ego boost.

ego boost x3

Cactus fighter x3

yang zing unleashed x3

final attack order x3

these are the cards required to perform this otk, it is accomplished by causing your opponent to attack cactus fighter then powering him up or decreasing the attacking monsters attack. Cactus fighter then destroys the monster causing his eff to go off then the token is switched to attack and has to attack because of yang zing unleashed. Make sure cactus fighter is the only monster on your field otherwise the loop won't work. Use cards like waboku as well as botanical girl and lord poison to search and recycle cactus fighters. Waboku will save cactus fighter in the case of your opponent negates ego boost or a card like forbidden lance.

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