Hi. I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh for a while and know the rules and everything. I've recently created a Cloudian deck, and i know that it's a bad archetype but this is only for casual not competitive. Any deck advice would be much appreciated. 

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Main Deck:


3x Cloudian- Acid Cloud £5.70                                 

3x Cloudian- Nimbusman £1.50    

2x Cloudian- Eye of the Typhoon £3.50

3x Cloudian- Cirrostratus £7.35

1x Cloudian- Storm Dragon £1.45

3x Cloudian- Altus £4.35

2x Cloudian- Ghost Fog £1.85

2x Zeradias- Herald of Heaven £1.98

1x Athena £1.00  

1x Marshmallon  

Total Monsters: 21


3x The Sanctuary in the sky £3.56

3x Cloudian Squall £1.45

1x Salvage £1.40

2x Fog Control £1.14

Total Spells: 9


2x Spirit Barrier £2.80

2x Updraft £2.56

2x Dark Bribe £2.39

1x Defense Draw

2x Natural Disaster £1.35

1x Mirror Force

Total Traps: 10

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Thanks. :)

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