Yu-gi-oh game Decks can be built according to many criteria. Decks can be built based on monsters' theme, Monsters' type, one superior monster, Tactical strategy etc. Building a deck can be very tricky process. Players spend many years palying Yu-gi-oh and still learning about building decks. Creating new cards by Konami keeps the game fresh as they expend the choices and strategies for players. However, some players claim that they hate the new cards, for example, some players stick with classical Yu-gi-oh cards and hate GX and 5Ds cards.

There are three purposes of the decks built in Yu-gi-oh game. The first purpose is "Winning". The majority of players build their deck to win duels especially in tournament and championship. The second purpose is "fun". Some players do not think of winning during building some deck if they want to play with friend and as a hobby. Decks for fun may be built with favourite monster, for instant, Dark Magician or Blue Eyes White Dragon. The third purpose is training. Training decks usually include new cards and new strategies. Training decks used usually to modify and build a winning deck.

Structure and Starters deck can be used as a kick start for building a superior deck. Many players use structure decks to build new decks by adding more powerful cards and removing weak cards.

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