Hello i'm 12 and i'm playing yugioh for 3 years. My favourite card is mecha bunny, so i put it in a lot of decks. Yeah, hear is a deck that i'v build a while ago:

Main Deck

-anteatereatingant x1

-bazoo, the soul eater x1

-black pendant x1

-blast asmobian x3

-bottomless trap hole x1

-chain detonation x3

-chain strike x1

-combo master x1

-bifferent diension capsule x1

-double summon x2

-fire trooper x1

-gagagigog x1

-gladiator beast andal x1

-guardian angel joan x1

-heavy storm x1

-lightning punisher x1

-lightning vortex x1

-man-eater bug x1

-mecha bunny x3

-morphing jar x1

-mystical space typhoon x1

-neo aqua mador x1

-nitro synchron x2

-non agression area x1

-prematur burial x1

-sakuretsu armor x1

-snipe hunter x1

-soul exchange x1

-terrible deal x1

-torrential tribute x1

-accumulated fortune x1

-united we stand x1

Extra Deck

-nitro warior x1

So, ok hear it is! Sorry, if i wrot something wrong, but i'm from Poland, so Englisch is't my main language...

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