chaos sorcerer

With the release of the Lost Sanctuary structure deck, there is a new deck that can be used that can be strong if used properly.

Decklist:44 cards in main deck


Master Hyperionx2

of mystery Earth x2 Agent of Creation mars x2 Mystical Shine ball x2 Hearld of purple light x1Hearld of green light x1Hearld of orange light x1Hearld of prefection x1Honest x1Light and darkness dragon x1Darklord desire x2Chaos sorceror x2Dark Armed dragon x1Vice Dragon x1Battle Fader x1Plague Spreader x1Gale x1Gorz x1Archlord Krystra x1 Spells:13 Ritual of prefection x1Dark hole x1Monster reborn x1The sanctuary in the sky x3Terraforming x2Valhalla, hall of the Fallen x2MST x2Giant trunade x1 traps:6 Mirror force x1Solemn judgement x1Solemn warning x1Bottonless x2Starlight road x1 Extra deck:2 Stardust Dragon x2

If this looks bad, sorry, this is my first time :o

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