this is my fourth article. my 1st 3 were: "my spellcaster speed deck" "my spellcaster speed extra deck" and "blizzard village-the ultimate spellcaster deck". as you may have noticed, i'm more the spellcaster type, and you will notice that this is a dragon deck, and i actually had spellcaster WITHDRAWAL, so i wound up changing this deck to a chaos deck in order to use an infamous spellcaster "chaos sorcerer", and in order to get one, i wound up buying the "dragons collide" structure deck. three, to be precise. and you will need three in order to build this deck. oh, you will also need a "galaxy eyes photon dragon". and a "the tyrant neptune".

card list:

3x chaos sorcerer

1x galaxy-eyes photon dragon

3x red-eyes darkness metal dragon

3x darkflare dragon

1x dragon ravine

2x eclipse wyvern

3x lightpulsar dragon

3x blue-eyes white dragon

3x burst stream of destruction

2x chaos zone

1x temple of the kings

1x mythical beast serket

1x lord of D.

1x the flute of summoning dragon

2x dragons rebirth

2x D.D.R.-different dimension reincarnation

1x united we stand

1x stamping destruction

2x red-eyes b. dragon

2x red-eyes b. chick

1x summoner monk

1x twin-headed behemoth

1x the tyrant neptune

1x poison of the old man

2x burst breath

1x blustering winds

1x pyramid energy

extra deck list:

number 17: leviathan dragon

thunder end dragon

shooting star dragon(can only be summoned using "temple of the kings" effect)

how this deck works: this deck is designed to fill your graveyard, the most effective of ways is to send your red-eyes darkness metal dragon, then lightpulsar dragon to special summon red-eyes darkness metal dragon.

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