The Clown Control Deck gets its name from the main monster of the deck, Dream Clown. It focuses on the effects of Dream Clown and Blade Rabbit, in conjunction with Stumbling or Labyrinth of Nightmare. Since Stumbling switches monsters to Defense Position right after they are summoned, you may activate your Dream Clowns’ and Blade Rabbits’ effects immediately. Labyrinth of Nightmare is an alternative; unlike Stumbling, it allows for attacks the turn a monster is summoned.

An ideal Clown Control Deck uses a combination of a Rat and a Warrior Toolbox. Most staples should also be used in the deck, as with any other.

Earthquake and Zero Gravity are helpful as backup for Stumbling or Labyrinth of Nightmare. Tragedy also works very well in this deck, usually leaving your opponent with no monsters at all.

The Clown Control Deck uses much monster removal, so it’s best to have Spell and Trap removal too, along with hand disruption. The opponent will usually have an open field, so Don Zaloog is a good monster to include in the deck. Twister is a good card to include for destroying your opponent’s spell and trap cards, and also for destroying your own spell and traps, such as Stumbling, if needed.

It is beneficial to revolve the deck around either Stumbling or Labyrinth of Nightmare, not both. Stumbling lets the player stall from opponent attacks, thereby protecting his or her monsters and Life Points. Thus, cards commonly used in Stall Decks may be incorporated into a Clown Control deck that uses Stumbling.

Labyrinth of Nightmare, on the other hand, doesn’t switch monsters to Defense Position until the End Phase of the turn, allowing un-delayed attacks from both players. Monsters that inflict Piercing damage like Enraged Battle Ox and powerful beatsticks, such as Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke, are welcome in Clown Control Decks that utilize Labyrinth of Nightmare.

Depending on which of the two cards the player uses, the deck material may be completely different. An excellent card for a Clown Control Deck using Stumbling is Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6. It is not affected by any of your opponents spell cards, nor by any of your own. This means you may use Stumbling, Earthquake, and Messenger of Peace without worry of harming Horus. It is also a good strategy to get two Dream Clowns on the field, one in attack one in defense, so you can use one to destroy a monster while the other attacks.

If using Labyrinth of Nightmare, monsters such as Goblin Attack Force, Spear Dragon, and Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress should be included. Since they switch to Defense Position after they attack or activate their effects, they will be switched back to Attack Position during your End Phase, ready for use again your next turn.

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