This OTK requires at least 4 cards. Somewhat unreliable, you need to make sure the opponent has a monster in attack position stronger than your Colossal Fighter, and some things to look out for are attack stoppers like Sakuretsu Armor and Mirror Force.

Cards to Use

Colossal Fighter, Rainbow Life, Fire Princess, Grinder Golem and/or Lava Golem

The first step is to have your Colossal Fighter and Fire Princess face-up on your side of the field (Colossal Fighter in Attack Position). Activate Rainbow Life and Card of Safe Return. Now, since your opponent has a monster stronger than Colossal Fighter, attack the monster, and gain life points with Rainbow Life's ability instead of losing them. Then, Fire Princess's effect will activate, dealing 500 points of direct damage to your opponent. While being destroyed by battle, Colossal Fighter's ability can revive itself in attack position and attack the opponent's monster, therefore repeating the process above. You've won the duel after Fire Princess reduces the opponent's life points to zero. Grinder Golem is good to put in this deck. It is stronger than Colossal Fighter and the tokens he creates can be used for Colossal Fighter's Synchro Summon. It is best not to put Warrior monsters in this deck so that Colossal Fighter doesn't gain additional attack points when it goes to the graveyard.

Since you will have Card of Safe Return activated, add Solemn Wishes to make the OTK faster.

  • Another method of this OTK is to add the five pieces of Exodia to your deck, because of Card of Safe Return and Colossal Fighter being able to revive itself. It's best to probably stick to the original method, though.

Cards to include


Spell Cards

Trap Cards

Cards to look out for

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