Majestic dragon

Bwing Mistral silver shield

Quillbolt hedgehog

bwing ghilibi searing wind

junk synchron

quickdraw Synchron

quilbolt hedgehog

bwing fane steel chain

bwing kalut the moon shadow

Debris dragon

bwing Kalut moon shadow

shield warrior

flare resonator

morphtronic clocken

sonic chick

Morphtronic scopen

turbo synchron

bwing shura blue flame

morphtronic datatron

cyber jar

morphtronic slingen

morphtronic celfon

morphtronic videon

morphtronic boarden

bwing calima the haze

cosmic compass

delta flyer

bwing gale the whirlwind

magna drago

zero gardna


needle warrior

junk synchron

quillbolt hedgehog

top runner

sonic chick

morphtronic vacuumen

attack gainer

drill synchron

road synchron

swift scarecrow

morphtronic magnen bar

doppel warrior

junk synchron

cosmic compass

quickdraw synchron

Trap and Spell:

Negate attack

Morphtronic Bind

Scrap iron scarecrow

cup of ace

united we stand

cup of ace

threatening roar

synchro boost


card of sacrifice

defense draw


mirror force

call of the haunted

magic cylinder

synchro boost

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