Prepare to instill resentment, frustration and hate in those who oppose you!

The concept is pretty simple - annoy the living hell out of your opponent through constant bouncing and make sure it hurts!

But it's more than that, see, the key cards here are Chain Energy and Toll. These two heavily penalize your opponent for trying to do almost anything. Of course you get hurt as well, but that's only a minor inconvenience. You can always take out the harmful cards with Emergency Provisions or MST or Giant Trunade.

The second good part about this deck is the bouncing arsenal: 15 cards that return a card to the top of opponent's deck and about the same number of return-to-hand tricks. Returning opponent's cards will either leave the field open for direct attack or force him to burn himself with Chain Energy or lock him down (return to top of deck) or all of these.

Chain Energy's and Toll's burn is complimented by Stealth Bird and Tremendous Fire. You could use Wave-Motion Cannon instead, but I don't like the waiting factor of this card.

Feel free to kick Giant Rat out in favour of some better card, I needed to even out the monster/spell ratio with something. Against insane swarm decks you can use Guardian Sphinx instead of Hieracosphinx.

Monster Cards:

Spell Cards:

Trap Cards:

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