The Constellation Deck Series is a type of deck that focuses on constellations and space as well. It introduces a new type of summoning known as Bond Summoning (go to the page to find out more, coming out soon).

Reach For The Stars Deck

The Reach For The Stars Deck is the first deck in The Constellation Deck Series and mainly focuses on constellations and a little bit on space. This deck is strong because some cards can help you look at your opponent's hand. It's also strong becuase sometimes if you discard a specific number of cards, you can summon other monsters from your graveyard with higher ATK and DEF. There's also one more good thing about this deck: rarely when a card is summoned back from the graveyard, a Bond Monster can be special summoned without doing anything and it gains 1000 ATK and DEF! Here are the cards for this deck:


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