The deck (which is also known as Chaotic Disaster) I play is a deck born out of mutating a former "Photon Dragon Deck" to this. It seems to be an Aggro Control deck (which seems to include elements from Chaos Dragon builds), like most other Disaster Dragon variants. This deck contains 40 cards (with 1 or more occasional extra cards). This deck is not built for tournaments. This Deck is now unused and has now become "The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Chaotic Descent".

The cards

This deck is more power based, as it contains many strategies made to lockdown my opponent and hit them with little to no fear of cards that can stop my army of Dragons.


Version 2

This version has more lockdown strategies. Template:Decklist

Version 3

This version is identical to the second version only more centered around the graveyard.


Play Style

This deck's primary focus is to bring out one of its aces "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8", which prevents my opponent from playing harmful Spell Cards. Usually I use "Gold Sarcophagus" to banish "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6", then use "D.D.R." to bring it back. Another strategy is to use "Darkflare Dragon" and send "Eclipse Wyvern" from my hand to the graveyard and search out "Horus LV6" and send it to the graveyard, then banish "Darkflare Dragon" and summon the Deck's 2nd ace "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" and use its effect. By sending "Eclipse Wyvern" and "The White Stone of Legend" to the graveyard, I would search out "Van'Dalgyon" and the Deck's 3rd ace "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". "Blue-Eyes" is for his 3000 ATK, "Red-Eyes" to Summon more Dragons, and "Horus" to negate Spell Cards (NOTE: Horus' effect can be used multiple times per chain). I will occasionally add some Virus cards to the Deck if I want to really put my opponent under pressure. I would use "Stardust Dragon" and "Prime Material Dragon" to protect my Dragons from card effects. "Number 39: Utopia" is to protect them from monsters stronger than them, and for game-ending purposes; "Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord", "Number C39: Utopia Ray" and/or "Number C39: Utopia Ray V" are used to take down the remainder of my opponents Life Points.


Like most other decks, this one is not without weaknesses. "Macro Cosmos" can prevent the Deck from filling the graveyard (though I take advantage of this by using "Chaos Zone"). "Wall of Revealing Light" can put me on almost complete lockdown ("Eradicator Epidemic Virus" can counter this). Any card that prevents this Deck from Special Summoning is its main threat. Another problem is that the most important part of the deck is monster effects, if those are negated, it becomes harder to summon stronger monsters. Another problem with the deck is dead draws.

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