This Deck uses high powered machines to annihilate foes!!!!


Cyber Dragon x3

Cyberdark Horn

Cyberdark Edge

Cyberdark Keel

Beetron B-1 Beetletop x2

Beetron B-2 Beetle Turbo x2

Beetron B-3 Spider Base x2

Cyber Phoenix

Cyber Barrier Dragon

Fusion Monsters:

Cyberdark Dragon

Chimeratech Overdragon

Cyber End Dragon

Cyber Double Dragon

Assault Cannon Beetle

Combat Scissors Beetle


Polymerization x3

Power Bond

Frontline Base

Ring of Defense x2



Front Change


Ring of Destruction x2

Attack Reflection Unit

Call of the Haunted x2

Negate Attack x2

Power Wall

Draining Shield x2


- Use "Power Bond" to fusion summon "Cyber End Dragon", then activate "Ring Of Destruction" and "Ring of Defense" to wipe out your opponent in a flash!!!

- Play "Assault Cannon Beetle", then activate "Scapegoat" to gain four tokens. Sacrifice all tokens to active Beetle's ability, which will deal 3200 points of direct damage. Then play "Front Change" to get "Combat Scissors Beetle" and finish them off!!!

- To assist the last combo, use "Frontline Base" to gain Beetrons B-1 and B-2, then use "Negate Attack" to protect them.

- If the first and/or second combination fails, summon a Cyberdark monster (Cyberdark Dragon, if possible) and power it up with a "Cyber Dragon" or Beetron monster in your graveyard.

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