Cyberdarks are Dark form of Cybers which have new ability to equip lv 3 or lower dragon from your grave, so dragunity can serve well in this deck to make a devastating combo.

Monster (22)

Cyberdark Edge 3x

Cyberdark Horn 3x

Cyberdark Keel 3x

Dragunity Aklys 3x

Dragunity Arma Mystletainn 3x

Dragunity Corsesca 2x (To add Cyberdarks)

Dragunity Phalanx 2x (Synchro Helix)

Debris Dragon 1x

King of The Swamp 1x

Sangan 1x

Spell (13)

Cyberdark Impact 2x

Polymerization 2x

Dragin Ravine 3x

Future Fusion 1x

Overload Fusion 1x

Dragon Mastery 2x

Mystical Space 1x

Monster Reborn 1x

Traps (5)

Bottomless Trap Hole 2x

Mirror Force 1x

Torrential Tribute 1x

Solemn Judgment 1x

Extra Deck

Five-Headed Dragon 2x

Cyberdark Dragon 3x

any dragon synchros with 5-8 level

preferably dragunity vajrayana, Iron Chain Dragon, Blackrose, and Gungnir

If you need help in using or if you have an idea in building this deck you may PM me in Dueling Network

I'm trying this new format with debris sangan king of the swamp polymerization


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