D-Ultimate Dragon

This deck focuses in keeping your oponent busy with the swarming effects of the "Destiny Hero" monsters such as "Destiny Hero - Malicious" and the impenetrable defense of "Destiny Hero - Defender". While your oponent is busy you have time to draw until you find the strongest DARK Dragon-type monster: "Rainbow Dark Dragon". If you dont have enough DARK monsters in your Graveyard you can Tribute monsters to Special Summon "Destiny Hero - Plasma" or "Destiny Hero - Dogma". Another option is to use the massive destruction of "Dark Hole" to destroy both your (DARK) monsters and your oponents monsters, to then Special Summon "Rainbow Dark Dragon" for an easy win.

Card Listing

The most of this deck is useful Spells and swarming monsters, and of course "Plasma" and "Dogma". "Rivarly of Warlords" can destroy your oponent mixed deck while all "Destiny Hero" monsters are Warrior-type.


-"Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude" x2

-"Destiny Hero- Defender"

-"Destiny Hero- Dogma"

-"Destiny Hero- Plasma"

-"Destiny Hero- Double Dude"

-"Destiny Hero- Doom ord"

-"Destiny Hero- Fear Monger"

-"Destiny Hero- Malicious"x2

-"Destiny Hero- Blade Master"x2

-"Destiny Hero- Departed"

-"Destiny Hero- Dunker"

-"Destiny Hero- Dasher"

-"Destiny Hero- Dreadmaster"

-"Destiny Hero- Captain Tenacious"

-"Dark Horus"

-"Rainbow Dark Dragon"

-"The Dark Creator"

-"Koa´ki Meiru Bergzak"


-"Clock Tower Prison"

-"Mystical Space Typhoon

"Dark Hole"


"Cyclone Blade"

"Double Summon"

"D - Spirit"

"The Warrior Returning Alive"

"Mystic Plasma Zone"


"Destiny Mirage"x2

"Ultimate Offering"

"Zoma The Spirit"

"Destiny Signal"

"D - Shield"

"Magic Cylinder"

"Remote Revenge"

"Rivarly of Warlords"

Extra Deck

"Destiny End Dragoon.

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