Over the past few month of seeing the Meta world of 2013 i noticed that thes decks work with summoning multipul monster and to constantly overlap them so what happens if you take the zones away like an Ojama deck they have to hope for a mst or Heavy Storm. but that could take a few turns.


i fist came up with the idea with using a royal magical library Exodia deck swap the 5 pieces with 3 GC 1 Secret village of the spellcasters and locolized tornado and royal decree. but the flas was wat to do if i go second not much to remove monsters. let alone spell/traps. so i looked at an dark world exo deck. This way i can remove opponents front and back rows set in at least 1 or 2 Collapses and keep getting grapha on the feild to my hand if i have 2 Graphas in the grave. then trade in draw 2 dicard grapha and so on. after about a week of modifying i got this. i achived 1 ftk when i went second got 3 grapphas on the feild and remove their 2 rows then boom.

Dark Collapse Via Duling Network

Dark collapse
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