This Deck focuses on most of the Dark Counterpart Monsters and reviving them from the Graveyard with the effect of The Dark Creator. With powerful Monsters such as Darklord Zerato, Dark Nephthys, Dark Horus, Darknight Parshath and Dark Simorgh , this Deck is able to get at least 2 Monsters out every turn, with The Dark Creator on the field. Cards such as Burial from a Different Dimension also help to replenish your Graveyard so as to continue Special Summoning DARK Monsters (and powering up Darknight Parshath). Besides the powerful Dark Counterpart Monsters, Disk Commander is another essential to add. It allows you to Draw 2 cards everytime it is Special Summoned from the Grave, and becomes a free Tribute when it is revived by The Dark Creator. As The Dark Creator requires 5 or more DARK Monsters in the Graveyard and no Monsters on your side of the field to be Special Summoned, Giant Germ, Mystic Tomato or Torrential Tribute can be used to fulfill the Summoning Conditions. Armageddon Knight, Foolish Burial or Painful Choice (Traditional Format only) can also be used. Dark Armed Dragon is a splashable destruction card to be used in this Deck, as well as Destiny Hero - Plasma, to negate any annoying Monster effects.

Another good idea is to utilize the Dark Reborn OTK(Traditional Format Only) strategy with this Deck. Adding a Dark Magician of Chaos, one can use The Dark Creator, Darklord Zerato, Dark Magician of Chaos and Monster Reborn to win in a single turn. See the Dark Reborn OTK for more specific instructions on how to win with these four cards.

This Deck's main weakness is that without The Dark Creator, most of the Monsters will become very difficult to Summon. Therefore, use Mist Body and/or My Body as a Shield to protect The Dark Creator from destruction. Do NOT use it to Attack if possible, because despite its 2300 ATK points, other beatsticks will be able to take it down easily. Your Dark Horus, Darklord Zerato or Dark Armed Dragon should be able to handle the heavy hitting.

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