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The Dark Magician of Chaos OTK relies on 4 Cards:

Start by playing Spell Economics, followed by playing your Cannon Soldier, Catapult Turtle, or Mass Driver and the Dark Magician of Chaos. Sacrifice Dark Magician of Chaos to your Direct Damage monster, removing him from play. Play Dimension Fusion, returning Dark Magician of Chaos and use his effect to get Dimension Fusion. Repeat the process an unlimited number of times and defeat your opponent by dealing unlimited amounts of damage to their Life Points.

Although the Dark Magician of Chaos OTK only relies on 4 cards, a common card in this type of deck is Reasoning because your opponent will usually choose a level 4 monster this will allow you to retrieve Dark Magician of Chaos very quickly.

This OTK took a hit in March 2007, when Dimension Fusion was Limited, having already been previously restrained by having Dark Magician of Chaos Limited. It took an even greater hit on May 9th, 2008 when Dimension Fusion was Forbidden in the TCG Advanced Format, in an "emergency" Mid-Format list adjustment.

This OTK has had many variations, being known for other names depending on the damage inflicting card. For example, Toon Cannon Soldier OTK if using Toon Cannon Soldier (normally the most popular because of Toon Table of Contents) and the new Priestess OTK using Shadowpriestess of Ohm.

An interesting add-on to the deck is Cyber Valley, which can be used in combo with the above-mentioned cards to draw the entire deck. Possible finishers are Exodia and Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End.

As of the March 2009 lists, The Dark Magician of Chaos OTK is completely dead due to the banning of The Dark Magician of Chaos itself, disabling the core of the strategy.