The Dark Virus Deck is a deck based around Dark monsters and the Crush Card virus card. its two ways of winning are:

1.deck out your opponent

2.smash your opponent with the mystic plasma zone card which boosts dark monsters atk and stop your opponent from attacking with swords of revealing, spellbinding circle and shadow spell.



1x white-horned dragon

1x sangan

1x witch of the black forest

1x mystic tomato

1x mystic clown

1x ancient lamp

2x la jin the mystical genie of the lamp

2x ryu-kuishin powered

2x succubus knight

1x wall of illusion

1x feral imp

1x zombryra the dark

1x dark blade

1x pitch-dark dragon

1x summoned skull

1x skilled dark magician

1x dark magician

1x kuriboh

2x opticlops


1x mystic plasma zone

1x rush recklessly

1x megamorph

1x dark hole

1x pot of greed

1x monster reborn

1x ookazi

1x change of heart

1x swords of revealing light

1x the reliable guardian


1x dark devastation virus

1x crush card virus

1x trap hole

1x shadow spell

1x just desserts

1x spellbinding circle

1x light of intervention

1x jar of greed

1x waboku

1x gift of the mystical elf

1x mirror force

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