Monster (18)

Bronn, Mad King of the Dark World 2x

Caius The Shadow Monarch 1x

Dark Armed Dragon 1x

Darkness Neosphere 1x

Evil Hero Malicious Edge 2x

Fabled Raven 2x

Goldd, Wu-Lord of the Dark World 2x

Grapha, Dragon Lord of the Dark World 3x

Morphing Jar 1x

Sillva, Warlord of the Dark World 2x

Snoww, Unlight of the Dark World 1x

Spell (14)

Card Destruction 1x

Dark Calling 2x

Dark Core 2x

Dark World Dealings 3x

Dragged Down to The Grave 2x

Foolish Burial 1x

Gateway to The Dark World 2x

Monster Reborn 1x

The Gates of The Dark World 2x

Trap (7)

Bottomless Trap Hole 1x

Call of The Haunted 1x

Dark Deal 1x

Escape from Dark Dimension 1x

Return from Diffrent Dimension 1x

Solemn Judgment 1x

Torrential Tribute 1x


Catastor 2x

Brionac 1x

Stygian Seargants 1x

Chaos King Archfiend 1x

Stardust Dragon 1x

Scrap Dragon 1x

Trishula 1x

Malicious Fiend 2x

Malicious Fiend & Catastor are main extras and the rest is optional

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