Zure knight of dark world X2

Doomsday Horror

Power Invader

Belial - Marquis of Darkness

Invader of darkness


Rainbow Dark Dragon

White-Horned Dragon

Dark Blade

The Supremacy Sun

Caius The Shadow Monarch

Mad Dog of Darkness X3

The Wicked Dreadroot


Dark Armed Dragon

Darkness Neosphere

Brron, Mad King of Dark World X2

Archfiend Empress

Opticlops X2

Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World

Dark Nephtyhys

Snipe Hunter

Dark Valkyria

Diabolos, King of The Abyss

Dark Horus

La Jinn The Mystical Genie of The Lamp

Summoned Skull

Card Guard

Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu

Dark Necrofear

The Dark Creator

Raviel, Lord of Phantasms


Pot of Avarice

Sheild Crush

Mystic Plasma Zone

Monster Reincarnation

Card Trader

Gravekeeper's Servant

Lightning Vortex

Wicked-Breaking Flamberge Baou

Tribute To The Doomed

Heavy Storm

Pot of Greed

Monster Reborn

Dark Core

Double Summon


Sakuretsu Armor

Magic Cylinder

Call of the Haunted

Raigeki Break

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

Draining Sheild

Dark Bribe

Ultimate Offering

Bottomless Trap Hole

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