Leghul (Level 1)

Milus Radiant (Level 1)

Hane-Hane (Level 2)

Arcane Philo (Level 2)

Dark Repairer (Level 2)

Malenlightened Frog (Level 2)

Dragon Zombie (Level 3) x 2

Trap Master (Level 3)

Giant Soldier of Stone (Level 3)

Dream Clown (Level 3)

Sangan (Level 3)

Silver Fang (Level 3)

Alpha the Magnet Warrior (Level 4)

Beta the Magnet Warrior (Level 4)

Gamma the Magnet Warrior (Level 4)

X-Head Cannon (Level 4)

Y-Dragon Head (Level 4)

Wall of Illusion (Level 4)

Black Feather - Blast of the Black Lance (Level 4)

Neo the Magic Swordsman (Level 4)

Desert Gardna (Level 4)

Ansatsu (Level 5)

Peacock (Level 5)

Millennium Shield (Level 5)

Beast of Talwar (Level 6)

Summoned Skull (Level 6)

Buster Blader (Level 7)

Barrel Dragon (Level 7)

Valkyrion the Magna Warrior (Level 8)

Spell Cards:

Final Destiny

Remove Trap

Lightning Vortex

Block Attack

Last Will


Big Bang Shot (Equip)

Sword of the Soul-Eater (Equip)

Paralyzing Potion (Equip)

Toll (Continuous)

Level Limit - Area B (Continuous)

Trap Cards:


Non Aggression Area

Two-Pronged Attack

Fake Trap

Reverse Trap x 2

Lost Star Descent

Disturbance Strategy

Ultimate Offering (Continuous)

Extra Deck:

Dark Dive Bomber (Synchro - Level 7)

XY-Dragon Cannon (Fusion - Level 6)

Note that some cards' names are because they were translated directly from Japanese ver. of cards.

Leghul is main card of this deck.

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