Relinquished (Level 1)

Dreamsprite (Level 2)

Spirit Reaper (Level 3)

Ceremonial Bell (Level 3)

D. D. Assaliant (Level 4) x 2

X-Head Cannon (Level 4)

La Jing the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (Level 4)

Z-Metal Tank (Level 4)

Whiptail Crow (Level 4)

Island Turtle (Level 4)

Curston Double (Level 4)

Y-Dragon Head (Level 4)

Inpachi (Level 4)

Neo the Magic Swordsman (Level 4)

Great White (Level 4)

Partician of Darkness (Level 5)

Amphibian Beast (Level 6)

Mystic Swordsman Lv 6 (Level 6)

Giant Battleship Big Core MK-II (Level 6)

Summoned Skull (Level 6)

Barrel Dragon (Level 7)

Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Level 7)

Buster Blader (Level 7)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Level 8)

Spell Cards:

Remove Trap

Nobleman of Crossout

Creature Swap



Dian Keto the Cure Master

Lightning Blade (Equip)

Re-Fusion (Equip)

Swords of Dark Destruction (Equip)

Poison of the Old Man (Quick-Play)

Rush Recklessly (Quick-Play)

The Reliable Guardian (Quick-Play)

Emergency Provisions (Quick-Play)

Offerings to the Doomed (Quick-Play)

Kishido Spirit (Continuous)

Continuous Destruction Punch (Continuous)

Black Illusion Ritual (Ritual)

Trap Cards:

Mask of Weakness x 2

Black Arrow

Trap Hole


Reckless Gread

Non Aggresion Area

Collected Power

The Emperor's Holiday (Continuous)

Ultimate Offering (Continuous)

Call of the Haunted (Continuous)

Bottomless Shifting Sand (Continuous)

Seven Tools of the Bandit (Counter)

Extra Deck:

Meteor Black Dragon (Fusion - Level 8)

XY-Dragon Cannon (Fusion - Level 6)

XYZ-Dragon Cannon (Fusion Level 8)

The underlined card is the signature card of the deck.

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