Steel Scorpion (Level 1)

Muka Muka (Level 2)

Lady of Faith (Level 3)

Dragon Zombie (Level 3) x 2

Giant Soldier of Stone (Level 3) x 3

Princess of Tsurugi (Level 3)

Neo the Magic Swordsman (Level 4) x 3

Great White (Level 4)

Blue-Winged Crown (Level 4)

Shadow Ghoul (Level 5) x 3

King of Yamimakai (Level 5)

Curse of Dragon (Level 5)

Dark Magician (Level 7)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Level 8) x 3

Magic Cards:

The Inexperienced Spy

Ookazi x 3


Remove Trap x 2

Sword of Dark Destruction (Equip) x 2

Germ Infection (Equip)

Book of Secret Arts (Equip) x 3

Sword of Deep-Seated (Equip)

Yami (Field) x 2

Trap Cards:

Reinforcements x 2

Dragon Capture Jar x 2

Waboku x 2

Castle Walls

Fake Trap

Seven Tools of the Bandit (Counter) x 2

Extra Deck:

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Fusion - Level 12)

The underlined card is the signature card of the deck.

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