A "Destiny Board" Deck focuses on activating the card Destiny Board and get the 4 Spirit Messages inorder to have an Automatic Win. You need some stall cards for this deck so that your opponent can't do anything but try to destroy Destiny Board. Final Countdown is also a great addition in this deck since this deck is a Stall Deck, you can stall your opponent and after 20 turns, you win. The most important card here is Destiny Board, so, you need some cards to easily get Destiny Board. A Cat of Ill Omen and Mask of Darkness is important in this deck. "Cannot be Destroyed in battle" monsters are the key in stalling your opponent, an example of these cards are Marshmallon, Gellenduo, Spirit Reaper and Arcana Force 0 - The Fool. Other good cards are Vortex Trooper to get the Spirit Messages out of your hand since they're useless in your hand and cards that can recover spells and traps from your graveyard just in case your destiny board is broken. One thing you want to avoid is spells and traps that stay on the field so Equip Spells or Continuous Spells and Traps are a no-no.

Typical cards




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