Destiny Hero Dreadmaster and Blade Master

This the Destiny Hero Deck used by Aster. This deck focuses on the Destiny Hero cards. 



x2 Destiny Hero - Dasher

x3 Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude

x2 Destiny Hero - Disk Commander

x1 Destiny Hero - Dogma

x1 Destiny Hero - Double Dude

x2 Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster

x3 Destiny Hero - Fear Monger

x3 Destiny Hero - Malicious


x1 Card Destruction

x2 Clock Tower Prison (Field spell)

x3 Destiny Draw

x1 Heavy Storm

x1 Mystical Space Typhoon

x1 Pot Of Avarice

x1 Premature Burial

x2 Reinforcement Of The Army

x2 Terraforming


x1 Call Of The Haunted

x1 Crush Card Virus

x2 D - Chain

x2 D - Counter

x2 Destiny Signal

x1 Eternal Dread

x1 Mirror Force 

x1 RIng Of Destruction

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