intro: alright, so i bought the latest spellcaster structure deck about a year ago. it was okay by itself, but i took it and modified it, and ive won almost every duel ive been in since, granted, ive never been to a tournament. im not sure how well it will work in the tournament scene, but it goes over very well in normal, every day dueling. ive changed it up a few times, and now the deck has ended up being centered around dark magicians, armed dragons, and the very powerful sorcerer of dark magic. hope you like it.

monsters: skilled dark magician

sorcerer of dark magic

the dragon dwelling in the cave

apprentice magician

twin-headed behemoth

2 armed dragon lv3

armed dragon lv5

armed dragon lv7

white horned dragon

magna drago


breaker the magical warrior

mystic swordsman lv4

chaos command magician

old vindicative magician

powered tuner

crystal seer

2 dark magician question

dark magician knight

dark eradicator warlock

royal magical library

defender the magical night

endymion, the master magician

hannibal necromancer

magician's valkyria

adhesive explosive

spells: 2 twister                                       

magical mallet                                       

mystic box                                              

level modulation                                       

swords of revealing light                               

nobleman of crossout                               

mystical space typhoon                           

mage power                                          

magical dimension                                 


mist body                                               

knight's title                                             

different dimension capsule                         

field barrier

tribute to the doomed


magical citadel of endymion


traps: magic jammer

raigeki break

magician's circle

call of the haunted

option hunter

lightforce sword

magic cylinder

spellbinding circle

scrap-iron scarecrow

miracle restoring

magic drain

dust tornado

rope of life

ill be changing it again once i get another buster blader. ill add dark paladin and a few other things to make it work better. but until then, its this. oh, and there's exactly 60 cards, so i didnt go over. enjoy ^^

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